Community Testimonials

From our community and clients…

“Tammy and Etang express a unique, masterful and gentle approach: teaching a beautiful art form while offering an empowered lens through which young women can embrace themselves and each other. Their work is effective, special and important.” – Ethan Zatko, Program Manager, Destiny Arts Center

“Etang and Tammy of Raks Africa bring tremendous positivity and warmth to the classes they teach as part of the wellness programming at Women’s Cancer Resource Center. We really appreciate Etang and Tammy’s excitement about sharing their love of belly dance to women recovering from cancer. They are able to work with the participants whatever their level of experience and with any physical limitations they may have. That they are body justice activists fits well with WCRC’s work to create opportunities for women with cancer to improve their quality of life.” – Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, Community Outreach Manager, Women’s Cancer Resource Center

“Raks Africa’s Tammy and Etang bring so much to every performance: beautiful technique, synchronicity, professionalism and body positivity. But more than anything else, they are able to communicate the absolute joy of dance each and every time. I have seen so many audiences succumb to the contagious elation they bring to a performance; every single person in the room is grinning by the time the music fades. Audience members are always inspired to proclaim their love of Raks Africa, and I couldn’t agree more!” – Matilda St. John, Co-Director, Big Moves Bay Area

“I wanted Raks Africa to dance at my wedding because their work is so inspirational and life affirming. Their performance made our wedding so much more special and unique. My guests were amazed at the precision and beauty of their dancing. You can sense the love they have for the dance and the joy they get in doing it. That joy is contagious. More than just a few of the women in attendance were inspired to inquire about learning the dance. As a matter of fact, I’ll be attending the drop in class on Wednesdays with my new step granddaughter!” – Chupoo Alafonte Douresseau

“I had the great fortune of having Raks Africa perform at my baby shower. In witnessing their dance, I was struck with Tammy and Etang’s ability to harness grace and power through movement which translated into a dynamic energy that could be felt with everyone who attended the gathering. Looking back, I can see myself laughing when they both pulled me from my seat, getting me to move my hips in celebration for the arrival of my daughter. Raks Africa’s ability to reach out and activate its audience is rare gift in the art world, and their performance will always be a highlight of that time of preparing to be a new mother. If you’re looking to bring energy, excitement, and joy to your gatherings, Raks Africa is the group you’ll want present to make that moment memorable.” – Gina Acebo

What our students have to say…

“Thorough explanation of moves.  Lots of fun energy and body acceptance.  By the end you will have your belly out.” – Antoinette

“It was a positive experience.” – Keisha

“It was a very accepting and exciting environment.” – Cassandra

“I liked the motivation and encouragement.  Lots of fun.  If you want to sweat and have a fun time, feel sexy and learn to bellydance take this class.” – Andrea

“I so loved this workshop.  A good workout while having fun.  It was real engaging.  I loved the instructors.” – Diona

“I had a blast!  I had a great time in a safe environment!” – Chris

“Good fun, great instruction, comfortable for all body types.  It’s fun and makes you feel good about yourself and body.” – Jeanette

“Fun, size friendly place to learn dance.” – Paula

“Fantabulous!  Fun, sexy and liberating class.” – Sarah

“I loved the workshop.  I loved the fact that after a few minutes I began to open up and embrace my belly.” – Kristal

“I loved the support and sense of positivity in the room.  Thank you for providing such a supporting non-judgmental environment.” – K.

“I really liked the ease and connection, and your thoughtfulness in putting it together.  I’m so excited for the chance to learn from both of you.” – H.

“The entire class was very organized and a lot of fun.”  – M.

“I felt held, supported, accepted–so much ease, grace, fun.  I felt like the Goddess I had forgotten I was!” – R.