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Etang's blog headshot“What if the world stopped to dance?” That is the question and invitation that Dance Anywhere poses to us. The day to share a moment of movement with the world is approaching. This Friday, March 30th at 12noon, Tammy and I are participating in Dance Anywhere. Now in its eighth year, Dance Anywhere coordinates simultaneous dance happenings across the world with conceptual public art performances. All around the globe, from Oakland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to New Orleans to Budapest, Hungary to Chicago to Guanajuato, Mexico there are individuals and groups gathering just to dance. Spontaneous dance. Improvisational dance. Choreographed dance. Just to dance….anywhere. Wherever you are, intentionally stop and dance. At work? Take a break to dance with your coworkers. On the train or bus? Shimmy in the aisle. Waiting in a line? That line will move faster if you throw in some hip bumps.

Our purpose in participating in Dance Anywhere is to share our Your Body Raks joy and heighten the visibility of size-diverse dancers. Dance is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Larger bodies are under constant attack, scrutiny and shame in the media and in our culture. When we dance, we embody joy. We are present, mindful and take our space to account for the full, dynamic, layered dimensionality of who we are. Moving our bodies as they are and creating art for audiences is our conscious resistance to size policing and body shaming. We invite you to just stop and dance. Turn off your mind, listen and feel how your body responds to movement.

For the full schedule of dance internationally on Friday, March 30th, check out the Dance Anywhere website. And if you are in our area, join us at Lake Merritt in Oakland. We’ll be out there doing our big-bellied girls thing—choreographed and improvisational performance and impromptu teaching, rain or shine, at the Pillars off of Grand Avenue and El Embarcadero.

See, even Tito is stopping to dance on a bus! Dance anywhere!

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