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Here’s a test: When you think of “women in dance” what images come to mind? Do you see variety and differences in those images? Do you see yourself in those images? For so long, I did not see myself in those images. My own reflection was invisible as a dancer.

Tammy and I celebrate women in dance every single day. For March, women’s history month, we thought it was appropriate to promote visibility and to shine a public spotlight on the diversity of women in dance over on our Your Body Raks Facebook page. We honor the pioneers, the innovators, the mentors, the unknown, the overlooked, the hidden treasures.

Here’s a visual sampler of our Women in Dance Celebration so far:

“Dance is bigger than the physical body. When you extend your arm, it doesn’t stop at the end of your fingers, because you’re dancing bigger than that; you’re dancing spirit.”-Judith Jamision, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Magidah of Portland, Oregon performing at the 2007 Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant

“If anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away” – Maria Tallchief, the first Native American to become prima ballerina and choreographer. She was the first American to dance at the Paris Opera and danced with the Paris Opera Ballet, the Ballet Russe, and the Balanchine Ballet Society, later renamed the New York City Ballet.

”We should realize in a vivid and revolutionary sense that we are not in our bodies but our bodies are in us.”-Ruth St. Denis, American modern dance innovator

We have not forgotten those dancers who inspire us and in our own work we hope we inspire others to find their own voice and spirit in movement. Who inspires you? We invite you to join Your Body Raks in our celebration of Women in Dance this month by submitting a photo or video with a message about the dancer to yourbodyraks@gmail.com. They can be an international, national or local dancer from any dance style.

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