About Our Group Classes

photo credit: kevin n. hume

Upcoming Classes

Our next class is on the 4th Tuesday of the month: Tuesday, August 22nd, 6-7pm at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, 5741 Telegraph Avenue in North Oakland. This class is FREE. Pre-register HERE.

Come have fun, celebrate your beautiful body and learn the ancient art of bellydance! All shapes and sizes are welcome and encouraged. Dance experience is not necessary. Wear clothing you can move comfortably in. These group classes are great for a beginner or for someone who wants to move and feel good in their body. Our classes introduce foundational bellydance vocabulary, posture, muscle memory drills, basic choreography, body positivity and lots of laughter and joy. These are open enrollment classes; drop-in students are welcome at any time.

“Etang and Tammy of Raks Africa bring tremendous positivity and warmth to the classes they teach as part of the wellness programming at Women’s Cancer Resource Center. We really appreciate Etang and Tammy’s excitement about sharing their love of belly dance to women recovering from cancer. They are able to work with the participants whatever their level of experience and with any physical limitations they may have. That they are body justice activists fits well with WCRC’s work to create opportunities for women with cancer to improve their quality of life.” – Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, Community Outreach Manager, Women’s Cancer Resource Center

“All bodies deserve love and acceptance. In our classes we encourage love and acceptance for bodies of all sizes and shapes. So many of us, of all sizes, have been impacted by body image deterioration. In our classes and workshops, we do not promote an “us” vs. “them” value system. The often-promoted language of “real women” is false, harmful and divisive. All of us, with all of our unique experiences, are “real” with “real” bodies. We do not erase anyone’s truth. Our intention is to build a community, a movement of people of all sizes embracing who they are through bellydance.”—Etang, Co-Director, Raks Africa

“Bellydance is more than a way of gracefully moving from point A to point B. In the hour spent working on technique, the dance becomes an essential means of self-connection, as well as a way of creating community with others. Classes are fun! The music has an undeniable beat that dares you to stand still. And through it we become a community—some younger, some older, of all sizes, races and backgrounds—sometimes dancing in unison and at other times taking our turn at a solo. The dance reintroduces a person to their body, and is a meaningful way of getting you out of your head, into your body, and eventually captures your heart.”—Tammy, Co-Director, Raks Africa

In the voices of our students…
“I had a blast! I had a great time in a safe environment!” – Chris

I loved the support and sense of positivity in the room. Thank you for providing such a supporting non-judgmental environment.” – K.