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Etang's blog headshotAugust 2012 marks the six-year anniversary that Tammy and I hit the stage in our first performance as the duet, Raks Africa. This month also marks the six-month anniversary of our launch of Your Body Raks. Wow and wow! With the whirlwind pace of our annual Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image Program and annual Hotter Than July Bellydance Extravaganza winding down, this has been a perfect time to pause and reflect on where we are and our vision for the future. We have been working non-stop to build our business and programs and time for reflection is rare, precious and so necessary. We recently hit the pause button to stop and discuss our visions for moving forward.

Raks Africa in performance, July 2012. photo credit: Raina Franklin-Baker

Bellydance is what originally brought Tammy and I together in 2006 as the duet, Raks Africa. We both had the same teacher and wanted more discovery, intention and rigor through the dance. Similar revelations have surfaced for us. Dance is our joy, our core. These full six months of Your Body Raks have taught us that we must continue to centralize dance in our work. We have so many areas of focus with Your Body Raks—weekly group and private classes, workshops, presentations, events, and more. We are working to have some shifts so that our dance study and performance development is the priority among multiple areas of focus.

We are excited about the growth this next year will bring to our dancing. We are open and accepting of new challenges. Through performance we want to introduce and educate wider audiences and our communities—people of color, social justice, youth, queer, fat—about bellydance. We intend to bring a social, political, cultural, historical lens to bellydance. We are excited about using the dance to tell stories of hope, survival and revolution. Stay tuned as we dig in to develop new dance works!

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