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Tammy's HeadshotYvonne and I are great travel buddies. We get each other’s sense of humor, understand the value of doing nothing on a beach all day and have perfected the art of flirting with taxi drivers just enough to get a good fare. After a night of rumba and rum, we ease into sunrise sessions about heartbreak, triumphs and the scary and hopeful unknowns. Our time together allow us to pause to reflect on our lives while letting our worries drift into the ether. I treasure those sister-friend retreats from the barking demands of the world. In them, we create space to dream, to laugh and to just be.

If we are lucky we all have little reprieves with our loved ones during our daily lives. They take the form of a coffee date here or a phone call there. But they tend to be fleeting moments that sometimes aren’t enough to shield us against the sharp judgments about who and what we are, and especially what we look like. Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to add another soul-crushing meeting to our calendars, and how difficult it is to keep from once again canceling a play date with our girlfriend? The thing is, we desperately need that connection to another woman, one that is positive and affirming. We need it because every time we turn around, magazines, newscasters and the person behind us in the checkout line are giving us bogus reasons to dislike the image in the mirror and to see every woman that crosses our path as competition. <<Insert sonic scream here!>>

Tammy and Yvonne in Mexico City

Building community with other women, a community that is a safe, soul-affirming place to be, doesn’t just happen. Like vacations, they have to be planned. That is why Etang and I created the MotherLove Bellydance Workshop. We are asking women to bring their mom, cousin, sister-friend or whatever woman in your life that you hold dear. In duets, we will try some new tools that will fill your spirit and help sustain a positive connection to each other. And oh, yes, we will bellydance! In fact, we have created a duet choreography especially for this workshop. Meanwhile, consider calling that special someone to see if she’s free May 12th.

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