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photo credit: indica kramer

In our presentations, we challenge stereotypes about bellydance through skillful audience engagement that explores how to break through stereotypes about dance and people. The students will learn some of the history, culture and geography of North Africa. Egypt is in Africa, but how much is really known about the ancient dance of Egypt here in America? The dance has also been influenced by internal and external historical events, the media and globalization. The students will explore and break down stereotypes they hold of the art form and by extension how stereotypes (about race, nationality, gender, body type) can limit a healthy exploration of the world around them. This is an art form for people of all sizes; men, women, elders, youth. Bellydance through the universal language of movement and music, becomes demystified and accessible to everyone. Audience members will be guided through an exciting historical and geographical journey that links the dance to its national and cultural origins, as well as issues of body image and media influence. And yes, the students will learn a few bellydance moves, as well. In addition to the presentation, Raks Africa will perform.

“Tammy and Etang express a unique, masterful and gentle approach: teaching a beautiful art form while offering an empowered lens through which young women can embrace themselves and each other. Their work is effective, special and important.” – Ethan Zatko, Program Manager, Destiny Arts Center


What grades/ages do you feel that your presentation is most appropriate for?
Our presentation is most suitable for middle school, high school and college students because the discussion around stereotypes and body image is developed for these audiences.

What resources are available to learn more?
A study guide reader is available for classroom teachers and instructors.

What curriculum topics are explored in the presentation?
Topics include: History, Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies. Gender Studies, Media Literacy, Body Diversity

How long are the presentations?
Our presentations can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the context of the event. We can work with you to best meet the needs of your audience.

What is the fee to bring Raks Africa to my school or community?
Please inquire through the contact form below. You will receive an informational PDF packet.