Raks Africa Presentations

photo credit: bo brown



Invite Raks Africa to your staff meeting, professional development or retreat:

  • The Egyptian Walk: This service teaches basic bellydance movement, helping participants move out of their heads and connect to the rest of their bodies. The 20-30 minute energizer is designed to prepare people for deep, clear, thoughtful engagement. This service integrates movement, meditation and writing. Participants connect to themselves and each other.
  • The Hafla: Hafla is Arabic for party, bringing the focus on making a connection to others and building a sense of community. In addition to introducing basic bellydance movement, this service provides a more in-depth application of several Your Body Raks body-positive tools in the span of an hour or more. Appropriate for group retreats, conference workshops and other team-building settings.


Bring Etang and Tammy to your organization, campus or community group to speak about a variety of topics that include:

  • Body Acceptance/Size Acceptance: Embracing who you are as you are right now by learning tools, strategies and resources to resist negative messaging.
  • Body Justice and Bellydance: Overlapping the history of bellydance with how Your Body Raks has brought the dance into the modern day Health At Every Size® movement as a form of resistance to negative cultural norms and promoting self-acceptance.
  • Dancers of Size: Our history and experiences as full-figured dancers. Dance at every size!

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