Resistance and Revolution: The Girls Raks Experience

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Monica in rehearsal with Girls Raks

Monica in rehearsal with Girls Raks

It was a classic bellydance song. Lushly orchestrated and dripping with drama, Alf Leyla Wa Leyla had our dancers captivated. And we took note. For six weeks, guest teacher, Monica Berini not only taught Girls Raks some cool new moves, but introduced them to this old school groove, and a few Egyptian bellydancers who have shimmied to it. And so their 2016 piece was born.

Meaning 1001 Nights, Alf Leyla Wa Leya is an Egyptian song made famous by Oum Kalthoum, deemed to be the most gifted and loved Egyptian singer of the 20th century in Northern Africa and the region. Much like many of the songs Kalthoum sung, 1001 Nights is a love song ostensibly about two lovers. But also like many of her songs is doubles as a song about love of Egypt and its people.

Girls Raks

Girls Raks

You and me my sweetheart, my life.

Let us live in the eyes of the night, let us live in the eyes of the night.

In a night of love as sweet as one thousand and one night,

They say it is the life.

What is life, but a night like tonight, like tonight, tonight, like tonight.

Girls Raks

Girls Raks

Girls Raks takes the lyrics even further to embrace love of self. Knowing that our society has a way of turning us against ourselves, their performance flips the script and embraces the concept of self-love. This act of love is compelled not by ego or vanity, but by a sincere appreciation for all that we are, our whole beings.

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Laney College Theater, 900 Fallon St., Oakland

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