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We are excited about our Resistance and Revolution production this year because Liberated Bodies in Motion is a theme that is wholly embraced by our guest performers. They bring, not only their talent, skill and creativity to the stage, but powerful stories of defiance, beauty, joy and ancestral promise fulfilled.


Antoine Hunter

In The Root Antoine Antione Hunter calls on our ancestors and presents American Sign Dance, expressing felt syncopation through the body. A Bay Area native, Antoine Hunter is an award-winning African-American Deaf and Hard of Hearing choreographer, dancer, actor, poet and Deaf advocate and the founder and artistic director of Urban Jazz Dance.

monica_high_res_riq_logoEgyptian style bellydancer, Monica Berini presents, Safety Dance, an investigation of the social tug-of-war between traditional and modern healing practices. Berini’s style mixes a long career of professional performing for and with pan-Arab diaspora communities, an ongoing study of the complexities and joys of Egyptian dance, and a love of Arab, North African and Mediterranean music and performing arts. She is also a performing member of Aswat Ensemble.


Ifasina ThaHood Alkemist

With her offering, The Embodiment, ThaHood Alkemist mixes it up with a fusion of hip hop, West African and deep south Black church praise dance. ThaHood AlKemist is a wellness worker and dance teacher. With 15 plus years of dance experience she empowers others, and creates unique dance spaces that challenge external and internalized notions about the way bodies are supposed to look and move when we dance.

ss2With their piece Magical Bodies, the contemporary and hip hop group, Shapes & Shades Dance Company creates something mystical from the struggles with body image and societal pressures. Founded by Megan Briceno this dance company promotes diversity in dance by creating art on bodies of all shapes and shades and sharing it through performance. The group hosts age-appropriate workshops for children to introduce them to dance and body positivity.

Andrea Sendek

Andrea Sendek

Andrea Sendek’s interpretation of Mawood (I’ve been Promised) a tarab song crafted to invoke complex emotion, will be nothing short of breathtaking. She will finish with a pulse raising drum solo. With over two decades of bellydance experience, Sendek has performed and taught across the United States and internationally, including appearances in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and South America. In 2015 she founded Khepri Dance Company.


Matilda St. John


Jessica Erin Judd

Jessica Erin Judd and Matilda St. John tackle the lure and the lie of an individualist politic and the power of connection in the face of injustice with their piece, System Failure: The Weight of Individualism. Jessica Erin Judd and Matilda St. John have been dancing together with Big Moves, a service organization dedicated to getting people of all sizes into the dance studio and up on stage, since 2002. They are also Co-Artistic Directors of emFATic DANCE, Big Moves’ resident dance company.

Check out these and other great performances at:                                                        Resistance and Revolution: Liberated Bodies in Motion                                                   

Free! Saturday, October 8th, 7:30pm

Laney College Theater, 900 Fallon St., Oakland

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