Take Back Our Bodies

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Etang's blog headshotWhen I was an undergrad at Smith College, year after year I rallied with hundreds of women of all stripes on my campus for Take Back The Night. With homemade signs and linked arms, we stood together full of pride in solidarity, standing up and speaking out against violence against women. Tammy and I have been invited to perform at the Mills College Take Back The Night next Monday, April 16th. We make this offering of healing and radical self-love from a place of deep gratitude.

Imagine if women and girls could take back our bodies and be comfortable, free and present. Imagine if we were encouraged to embrace our bodies and love our bodies as they are. Imagine if we accepted our bodies no matter what. Imagine if we resisted the pervasive media programming that challenges us to change our bodies and hate our bodies. Imagine if we united in solidarity to stand up and speak out against body shaming and size policing. Imagine if we were visible to each other. Imagine if we listened to our stories of survival. Imagine if we celebrated the power, strength and courage that live inside of our bodies. Imagine if we danced together.

When Tammy and I dance together, we are a sisterhood that breathes in resistance. We invite you to dance your truth and love yourself fiercely and fully. Our bodies are all beautiful and all different. They don’t conform to impossible beauty standards. We encourage you to stop and think – really think – about your relationship with your body. Own it. Honor it. Reclaim it. Take back your body because your body raks!

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