The Mother in You and Me

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Starting in mid-April for the past few years, I have tried to avoid all things Mother’s Day. From the commercial solicitations of flowers, cards and brunches, hiding from Mother’s Day is damn near impossible. In my inbox this morning, I get the triggering reminders “Don’t forget Mom” and “Moms get it done with double cash back!”

My Mom passed away in January 2009. When she died, I lost my biggest cheerleader, my inspiration and the person who has always had my back unconditionally. She encouraged me, pushed me to find and use my voice when I was fearful. I think about her every day, but Mother’s Day season has been tough for me these past few years.

In my grief, I stopped doing what I loved. When she died, I took a half-year break from dance. The joy that bursts inside of me from bellydance died, too. I was stuck. I realized that I was repeating my mother’s cycle. Just like my Mom, I was putting other people first and neglecting myself. At the time, I was a high school teacher with many of my students in crisis themselves. In my need to rescue, there was nothing left for me. As I heard and felt the call to come back to bellydance, I slowly started to listen to myself. My mother followed her heart excessively. I also finally listened to what was in my heart and returned to dance. The mothering I extended to my students, I needed that care, attention and love for myself. For me bellydance has been a form of self-care and mothering.

Starting this year, I am no longer hiding from Mother’s Day season. I embrace it. On Saturday, May 12th in honor of Mother’s Day, Tammy and I are facilitating a MotherLove Bellydance Workshop. We invite you to bring your mother, daughter, sister, partner or best friend and join us for a special affirming workshop that uses bellydance, writing and meditation as tools of self-care. As women, we need to mother each other and ourselves. There is power in mothering ourselves. The MotherLove Bellydance Workshop is only for duets, so bring a sister-friend or loved one.

MotherLove Bellydance Workshop
Saturday, May 12th , 10am – 12noon
Center for Third World Organizing Retreat Center

1218 East 21st Street in Oakland
$60 covers the workshop fee for 2 people!

Pre-registration by May 10th is required.
For more information, please contact us: and (510) 229-0539.
For registration, click here.

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