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Etang's blog headshotThis year, the Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image Program is excited to welcome back fat rebel activist, Marilyn Wann. Last year, we were fortunate to have Marilyn participate in our Women Warriors Speak panel. She shared her fat acceptance path, activist journey and strategies for fierce self-love. We ended last year’s panel with smiles and giggles by individually stepping up on a scale. What? A scale? Marilyn developed and designed the brilliantly radical, Yay! Scale®. Instead of the weight focus of traditional scales, Yay! Scales® offer the gift of a positive message with absolutely no numbers involved.

So what you weigh is radically shifted to what you yay! – cute! perfect! fine! adorable! amazing! and more! So many of the girls we work with see their self-worth defined by the numbers of a traditional scale. This impacts girls of all shapes and sizes. They deserve to feel affirmed and celebrated as they are right now, no matter what they weigh. The Yay! Scale® is a liberating way to change the number focus and begin the path of making peace with your body. We knew that we wanted Marilyn to join us again this year to share her inspiration and courage with Girls Raks. We are so excited that Marilyn will be joining us for a special Yay! Scale® making workshop with the 2012 Girls Raks girls.

The Girls Raks Yay! Scales® will be exhibited at the Hotter Than July Belydance Extravaganza Benefit at the La Peña Cultural Center on July 28th and then the girls get to take them home to share with their families and friends.

We are in the home stretch of raising funds for the 2012 Girls Raks Bellydance and Body Image Program. We need to raise an additional $500 by the start of this year’s program. If 50 people could support the program with $10, we’ll get there. Tax deductible donations can be made via our fiscal sponsor, Dancers’ Group.

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